Wellness Products

Metabole is a manufacturer, stockist, broker and researcher of wellness products. Wellness concepts entail the use of harmless protocols and substances.

The two options available are directed at symptomatic relief (therapies) or corrective measures (removing the cause). All metabolic diseases can be approached in this manner.

Acute care and crisis medication are better addressed by medical care facilities.

What's on offer?

some examples from our product range

The client is offered products, devices and contacts in order to empower their health. These could be from our own location by courier, collection or referral to other suppliers or practitioners.

Metabole is affiliated with specialist suppliers of wellness products. After decades of experience Metabole can direct customers to these suppliers with confidence.

  • Other Naturopaths or similar services
  • Appliances for food processing such as water filters, blenders, juicers and mills.
  • Therapeutic apparatus such as SCIO machines, RIFE machines and live blood equipment.
  • Food supplements including glyconutrient technology and therapeutic foods.

Benefits to the client

By means of the interface with METABOLE the client will be better equipped to deal with their unique health issues.