Understanding lectin havoc

Profound influence of lectins on human health (and proven solutions)


Understanding the role of lectins has enabled health seekers and their practitioners to achieve new levels of wellness. It has also revealed the underlying cause of many so called mystery diseases which plague modern humans. It is especially the auto immune conditions and the increase in metabolic diseases which can be better understood in the light of lectin influences. The inflammatory diseases can also now be better resolved by sufferers as well as health practitioners.

This from https://www.selfhacked.com :

‘’Do not confuse lectins with leptin, lactose, or pectin. Lectins are proteins that bind to carbohydrates or glycoproteins (proteins that contain carbohydrate chains).Proteins termed lectins (from the Latin legere, “to select”) have the ability to bind to specific carbohydrate molecules. Lectins allow cells to bind or communicate with each other. They are found in every living organism, including viruses, bacteria, and most foods, to one degree or another, but most of them are harmless. Scientists have been studying lectins since 1884.

Some scientists believe that lectins are part of a plant’s protection mechanisms.Plants also use lectins to communicate with their environment, for cell organization, and as reserve proteins, among other functions.’’ Unquote.

Scientists have delved into the impact of lectins on consumers of lectins – these include humans, animals insects and fish.

The following conditions can be linked to susceptible people (lectin sensitive) : hormonal issues, leaky gut wall, over stimulated immunity, auto immune conditions, inflammation, dysbiosis of gut flora, abnormal cell growth, insulin resistance, obesity, brain dysfunction and many others.

There are various theories as to why so many people have become overloaded and sensitive to lectins. In summary they are twofold, namely that the plants have been altered by modern agriculture (more defensive) AND that digestive integrity has been compromised by chemical disruption (especially antibiotics). Animal husbandry has mainly resorted to feeding grain to feedlot animals, causing lectin loading in animal products.

The result is that lectins enter the bloodstream of victims resulting in a disease reaction in those who are genetically sensitive to this insult.

The solution is to first reduce lectin overload and secondly to restore gut wall permeability. There are proven protocols to achieve these solutions. Metabole can help with an appropriate plan.

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