There are 100’s of proven ancient as well as modern therapies worldwide. METABOLE has tried and tested many of these.

Description of therapies

SCIO QUANTUM XXEROID is an electronic resonance instrument developed in Europe.
RIFE RESONANCE is an electronic instrument aimed at normalising tissue integrity via resonant frequency.
LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS by Prof G Enderlein, using dark field microscopy,   entails assessing blood quality via visual means.
NUTRITIONAL THERAPY employs food regimes, herbs and spices aimed at normalising body parameters. Latest research by Prof Keith Mumby. Also glyconutrients and stem cell therapies.
OTHER therapies include herbal, MMS, Lugols Iodine. Hydrogen Peroxide, spices and DMSO.

Benefits to the client

The client can be directed and make use of the most appropriate therapies for their unique situation.