It has been twenty years since I first visited your clinic, Metabole, suicidality depressed and on Prozac. I have not looked back since that day nor have I visited any other practitioner in this time and my health goes from strength to strength.

I am sure I am one of a great crowd who are very grateful you do what you do with such passion and commitment!

With huge gratitude and many blessings,

Sandra Redman Legg


I have known dr Charl & Malinda du Randt for the past 17 to 18 years when my search for health began. Over the years Dr Charl has been helpful in, not only treating me and helping me to get on the right path again, but also to advise which books to read to help me understand health and increase my knowledge, for example books by Patrick Holford, Philip Day, Robert O. Young and others.


I am grateful to them for being instrumental to obtain products that actually are beneficial to the body and which my body can absorb and make use of – here I am specifically thinking of their Magnesium Formulation, that is not like some over the counter tablets that I once bought and used when I had massive cramps in my legs at night where those tablets did not work. I only found out one morning that the tablets only lost their red colouring in their travels though my system and were not being absorbed by my body at all.   Magnesium Formulation by Metabole is quite unique and does the job perfectly! No more cramps!


They make a marvellous team where Dr Charl tests to see what is actually the situation in YOUR body, what the deficiencies are and advise what to take to rectify the imbalance. He also helps in checking for parasites and other harmful bacteria and with the Live Blood Analysis can show you what is going on in your blood, for example if there are any crystals, indicating too much acid.Then Malinda spends time with the patient explaining what was found and how to treat your body to obtain optimal health. How to change your diet to obtain optimal health and even gives you some recipes to inspire you as well as which recipe books to buy.


Being an average human, I thought that I could only take the vitamins, etc. and that I will get well. However, I have found over the years that the Du Randts know what they are talking about and if they say ‘cut it out of your diet’   there is scientific reason for that.


Despite all this knowledge, however, I gave in last year to my daughter’s request to ‘go with the flow’ and not be finicky about food when visiting them in Scotland.   Upon my return there were many pressures and challenges making it difficult to get back to clean eating, resulting in the return of health problems that had previously cleared up. Fortunately I now have the knowledge to cut out the foods like bread, milk and milk products as well as substances that are the cause of ill health, clean out my colon and give my body the nutrients that it requires to have optimal health.


My heartfelt THANKS to both Charl and Malinda for their compassion and help over the years and that they are prepared to share their wealth of knowledge with us.   Those that take it to heart and DO what they instruct, can testify of miraculous healings. To obtain this however, requires an open mind and to be willing to be taught that YOU HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH.   They just show you the right way!

Estelle Snyman


During January 2015 I discovered a knob underneath my left arm pit. A few days later it was severely inflamed and I had to visit a medical practitioner. When he saw the inflamed lymph node he was shocked and said that I needed antibiotic for now and further treatment after that.

I discussed this with Su Ludewig whom immediately gave me Metabole Magnesium and Antioxidant powder. I took it mornings and evenings whilst taking the antibiotic for 5 days. After the 5 days the infection dissapeared.  I also noticed that all my lymphnodes which were swollen were much better. I also started to feel more energised. I could phone the doctor and tell him I will not be needing anymore treatments.

Since then I have been taking the magnesium and antioxidant powder once a day!!! I feel much better and even see that other skin problems disappeared. 

Kind regards
Marian Ludewig