The biggest benifit to you is that you will find the real reason for your symptons. Most healing systems out there treat your symptoms and therefor it keep going in a circle… Once you know where the symptoms are coming from, you can treat the cause and get rid of the symptoms.

Naturopathic Consultations

Metabole Natural Healing Clinic is thus far the only clinic in South Africa where therapeutic nutrition is being practiced.


Wellness Products

Metabole is a manufacturer, stockist, broker and researcher of wellness products.



Metabole has tried and tested many ancient and modern therapies. Patients are guided to make use of the most appropriate therapies for their unique situation.


Lifestyle Planning

Choices around food, toxic influences, electro pollution, water, air, perverse energies, dental hazards and sunlight are considered. Education is the primary tool employed here.


Fat Reset Point Programme

A safe, proven low cost program to resolve fat loss issues permanently together with insight and understanding of the underlying biochemical mechanisms.


Email Consultations

A low cost way to get a professional strategy from an experienced professional.


Mail Order Products

Receive your products via low cost courier near your place of living.



Our patients are welcome to enjoy low cost accommodation close to their place of consultation.