We will take your hand in this exciting journey!

Charl wearing the same jacket he wore in 1993, when we started going out.

Charl wearing the same jacket he wore in 1993.

This really works, Dr Charl has lost 19kg and I have lost 12 kg and we keep it there, which is the most exciting and rewarding part of this programme!


Dr Charl did thorough research, studying all the scientific research of Dr A T W Simeons and Leslie Kenton’s book “New Curo Romano Weightloss Plan” to make sure that this programme is completely safe, as for us this is extremely important. I did not like the idea of injecting myself, and I wanted to know 100% that I will not jeopardize my health in any way by injecting the 125 International Units hCG per day.

"It is first about your health and then about your fat loss."

I have studied Leslie Kenton’s book “New Curo Romano Weightloss Plan” book over and over and chose the healthiest options of food possible, and have also simplified the diet for easy preparation.In her book there are recommendations of certain types of food that we do not agree with as healthy options – that is why I decided to summarize the programme in this way.


The most exciting part of this whole journey is learning to understand your body. You’ll be learning more about how to play by your own body’s rules – by testing important foods and paying attention to what it tells you and how it reacts to the new foods you trust. It’s all about becoming conscious of your body’s likes and dislikes.



These health-enhancing effects are also experienced by men and woman on the programme:

  • It helps regulate metabolism
  • It brings greater emotional stability
  • It improves sleep patterns
  • It boosts mental clarity
  • It enhances energy
  • It brings relief from aches and pains


Not only does pure, natural hCG exert no negative side-effects on a pregnant woman’s body, it brings a number of medically positive side-effects. These are in addition to its role in helping prevent miscarriage. Probably the most important function hCG performs in a pregnant woman’s body is the following: it directs her body to draw upon her own fat stores as a means of feeding the placenta and fetus. The other interesting fact is that it is not only produced in the body of a pregnant woman, it is also found in small amounts within almost all normal human tissues – male or female, pregnant or not. Even plants and bacteria synthesize hCG.


When it comes to simple weight loss, Dr Simeons’ most important discovery was that, in the bodies of overweight men and women, small quantities of hCG were able to perform a feat similar to what it brings about in a pregnant woman’s body. It enables overweight bodies to access caloric energy from inessential adipose tissues and burn it up, producing life-energy for use.


A mere 125 IU of hCG coupled with his carefully designed 500 calorie diet reduced body weight rapidly, safely and with little or no hunger. The quantity needed to accomplish this was incredibly small when you consider that a woman excretes up to 1,000,000 IU of hCG a day in her urine. Despite the limited number of calories his patients were taking in, they reported little or no hunger. People are able to carry on living normal, vital lives. The only thing that is required of them is that they FOLLOW THE DIETARY PROTOCOL WITH PRECISION.