Potassium (90), High Blood Pressure & Fatigue

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In the absence of adequate potassium the blood sugar tends to rise which in turn stimulates a need for extra insulin to be secreted, and the diabetic process is essentially one of increased insulin demand


Potassium is one of the abundant minerals in the body and must be ingested in fairly large amounts on a daily basis to ensure that the correct internal balance is maintained. Normally the ingestion of sufficient potassium would not be a problem because adequate levels of the mineral occur in natural foods and a balanced diet would provide the potassium we need.

Some Consequences of a Stressful Lifestyle

However, most of us do not live under ideal circumstances any more but lead a hectic, stressful lifestyle where we have come to rely on highly processed and denatured foodstuffs and are exposed to unnatural and synthetic compounds on a daily basis. Under these circumstances the intake of potassium may be insufficient for the body’s requirement.


Potassium has a number of important functions in the body. Together with sodium it helps to maintain the water balance of the cells; an imbalance in the sodium/potassium ratio can upset this water regulation and lead to high blood pressure.

Potassium is necessary for the transmission of electrical impulses along nerve cells and is essential for converting blood sugar (glucose) to glycogen, the storage form of glucose in the muscles and liver This latter role in glycogen storage explains why a shortage of potassium produces great fatigue and muscle weakness.


Potassium is also needed for hormone secretion, including the stress hormones and is probably the reason why high levels of stress can lead to a potassium deficiency.

Metabole Potassium contains a form of potassium (potassium citrate) that is well tolerated by the body and is provided in a base of synergistic nutrients that aids in its assimilation and metabolism.

There is also some evidence that this form of potassium (potassium citrate) may be most helpful for those with high blood pressure. Metabole Potassium is provided in a tamper-proof container and is also available in 60 capsules (capsules of plant origin).


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