Magnesium Formulation (280g), detox

Energy Support

CHRONIC FATIGUE and possibly ALZHEIMER, conditions that can be alleviated by an increased intake of magnesium. Other conditions such as STRESS and ANXIETY which deplete the body’s energy reserves also respond well to magnesium supplementation.



METABOLE Magnesium Formulation

Magnesium is regarded as the most important of the 17 minerals that are considered essential for human life. The body contains approximately 20 – 28 grams of magnesium most of which (60 – 65%) occurs in the bones and teeth. The remainder(35 – 40%) being found in muscle and tissue cells, especially those of the heart and brain, making these two organs particularly vulnerable in times of magnesium deficiency.

In nature magnesium is found abundantly in green vegetables (it is a major component of chlorophyl), beans, nuts and seeds but deficiencies in the soil and food refinement have greatly reduced the content of these foods, in some cases by as much as 90%.

Availability of magnesium is further reduced by certain drugs such as diuretics, contraceptives, antibiotics and cortisone necessitating the need for magnesium supplements.

Magnesium Function

Magnesium functions as a co-factor in more than 325 different enzyme systems, most of which are involved in the creation and storage of energy. Dietary shortages of magnesium as well as the competitive inhibition of magnesium dependent enzyme sites by environmental toxins such as mercury, lead and aluminium – so called toxic overload – can give rise to

A close association exists between calcium and magnesium in the body, and the calcium to magnesium ratio has a number or important physiological implications. Muscle contraction, for example, is initiated by calcium entering the cells and stopped when the passage of calcium is blocked by magnesium.

A high calcium to magnesium ratio can therefore lead to prolonged muscle contraction and spasms, leading to ASTHMA if this occurs in the bronchial tubes or to ANGINA, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and ARRHYTHMIA if the blood vessels are involved.

HEADACHE and MIGRAINE are caused by spasms in the small blood vessels in the brain PMS etc and INFERTILITY by contractions of Fallopian tube muscles.

A high calcium to magnesium ratio may also be implicated in INSULIN RESISTANCE where glucose is no longer able to enter the cell, giving rise to OBESITY, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, ELEVATED TRIGLYCERIDES and HIGH URIC ACID levels.

High levels of magnesium can restore the sensitivity of the cells to insulin and possibly reverse the problem.

One of the most unwelcome side effects of our modern and stressful, nutrient deprived lifestyles is lack of energy. Not everybody experiences it but then those that have the biochemical disposition a state of chronic tiredness can be very debilitating.

Metabole’s Magnesium Formulation

Metabole’s magnesium formulation was designed specifically with this problem in mind. The main ingredient is magnesium together with its synergistic nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B6 which performs such an important role too in energy reactions and the generation of A T P the energy currency of the cell.

Magnesium deficiency is widespread despite in the abundance of the metal in our ecosystem, probably because of the lack of green plant material (it forms part of chlorophyll) consumed by the average household.

Carnitine is added to the formulation for its energy enhancing

properties, and being responsible as it is for the mobilisation of

fatty acids into the mitochondrial of the cell.

Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen and excellent for stress

management as well as for energy production and stamina.

N B the hygroscopic action (absorbs moisture or from the air) of

carnitine may produce clumping of the powder if left for some time.

This does not do any harm to the product however, and if weighed up

against the possible addition of synthetic unnatural anticaking agents, it is well worth the inconvenience. If used on a daily basis and thoroughly shaken before use, it should pose no problems. Even the hardened complex dissolves easily in water and a efficacy is not compromised.


1 to 2 teaspoons daily in a glass of water or as directed by a health-care practitioner

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