Naturopathic Consultations

Metabole Natural Healing Clinic is thus far the only clinic in South Africa where therapeutic nutrition is being practiced. Dr du Randt is a registered Naturopath, please read his CV for further information on his practice.

Consultations are offered at our clinic by an (a) onsite visit or by (b) email.

The first step is to complete the Questionnaire from the downloads page, then return to or by fax: 086 631 9053

What the service offers

By completing the attached Questionnaire thoroughly, we shall be able to supply you with the following detailed information: 

  • A personal analysis, with guidelines concerning your micro nutritional status;
  • A personal nutrient program for any specific illness, e.g. candida, if requested;
  • Guidelines for food selection;
  • Guidelines for hard – to – find products;
  • Extracts from relevant literature;
  • Specific guidelines on health;

The above-mentioned e-consult costs R250. Should you ever want to visit us for a consultation, your payment of R250 will be accepted as part of the fee and you will only pay R600 for your consultation. For a personal consultation at the clinic you pay R850 for your first consultation which includes:

1 hour Scio/Quantum Xrroid and Darkfield microscope blood test with Dr Charl.
2-3 hour health information session with Malinda: health report, explanation of prescription, recipes and dietary guidelines.
Follow up consultations of 2 hours at the clinic are charged at R650.     


Benefits to the client

The major benefit of interacting with the Metabole process is the new facet of Consciousness obtained by the client ie. the same factors involved in the disease process are involved in the healing process. In other words if the cause of the disease is identified and removed, the body will return to normality.