Expectations in the health world

What do patients expect when visiting a health practitioner? Relief? Solutions? Healing? Education? What do health practitioners offer to satisfy the expectations of their patients? Promises? Solutions? Relief? Deception? An example of differing expectations at the same venue is gambling casino’s


The patron expects to win (albeit a rare probability). The operator of the casino expects a certain profit (a realistic probability) percentage based on the turnover of the casino. Evidently the patrons and the operator have different expectations from the same process! The conclusion is that the patrons have an Unrealistic expectation of winning whilst the operator has a Realistic expectation of generating a profit. Hence the patrons are delusional!


Taking into account that there are more than 800 healing modalities word wide, could it be that some patients and/or the practitioners they patronise could be deluded?


The primary modality employed in the developed world is the medical model. The mandate of the medical practitioner is to DIAGNOSE and TREAT. Diagnoses entails the “labeling” of the symptom according to professional standards of pathology (disease). The label in turn directs the practitioner to employ a certain ‘’therapy’’ or treatment based on generally accepted professional standards. The system therefore offers to label and treat the disease that the patient is suffering from. NOWHERE is there an undertaking to cure the disease or find the CAUSE of the disease. The expectation of the patient on the other hand is to find a SOLUTION to the disease.


There is therefore a mismatch of expectations between the practitioner and the patient. Diagnose/treat vs solutions. The real solution would be for the practitioner to identify the CAUSE of the disease and help the patient to remove the CAUSE. This however is not the case. The patient results in receiving chronic treatments to subdue symptoms. The practitioner results with a perpetual customer.


In the meantime the cause of disease is largely discovered but not employed by the medical industry.

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