Epigenetics – DNA is variable

New understanding of DNA
At last “science” is catching up with ancient wisdom . The politically correct understanding of DNA (genetic coding for all living organisms) has been turned on its head.
Intuitive philosophers like Deepak Chopra, Fritjof Capra and Caroline Leaf have been vindicated.
Discoveries have indicated that the minor component of DNA is “fixed” whilst the major component is variable.
The exciting conclusion is that genetic structure may be fixed, but the genetic PERFORMANCE can vary for better or worse. The DNA can thus change performance ! An anomaly would be that the same person can be in different states of fitness.
Stating it differently there are genetic ‘’switches’’ which can turn on poor performance OR turn on improved performance.

In science speak :
Epigenetic inheritance may allow an organism to continually adjust its gene expression to fit its environment – without changing its DNA code.

Environmental Influences
Even more promising is that the environmental influences which alter the gene expression have been identified by clinicians and researchers. They are nutrition, toxins and emotions !
Examples : turns on/off switches ok = good X=bad
Nutritional deficiencies – XX
Food intolerance; eg. gluten or carbs – X
Toxic overload; eg vaccines – X
Certain plant ingredients; eg. resveratrol and glyconutrients – ok
Heavy metal overload; eg. mercury – X
Superior nutrient supplements; eg. METABOLE – ok
The frequency of 528 Hz (Love) = ok ok
Prayer and meditation – ok
Harmonious music – ok
And many more examples clients can learn from METABOLE.

Conclusion :
To come to condlusion, this explains remarkable recoveries from so called ‘’medically incurable’’ diseases and other health miracles.
It also explains how certain diseases occur in bloodlines. The child inherits the ‘’switch’’ in the ‘’off’’ position. Some environmental influence then triggers it to the ’’on’’ position. Similarly the influence can be removed and the switch will flip back to the ‘’off’’ position.
Some therapeutic agents can also trigger the ‘’off’’ position. One known substance is trans-resveratrol from plants.
Will keep you posted on this subject.

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