Ascorbate (Vit C) Reviewed

Ascorbate (Vit C) reviewed

After decades of studying the use of ascorbate and using it in our naturopathic practice I want to share our view and experience on this subject with interested readers.

The name Vitamin C is questionable since it implies that the function ranks with other known vitamins such as B12, B6 and others.

Vit C (ascorbate) is much more than a typical vitamin. Air and water are not classed as vitamins – why then is this critical substance classed as another vitamin ?

Some functions performed by ascorbate are :

  • Connective tissue – critical ingredient.
  • AntiOxidant
  • Co-enzyme in many biochemical processes.
  • Most important stimulus for electron interchange (life).

Ascorbate is the basic molecule. If attached to other elements the name changes to ascorbic acid if attached to hydrogen, sodium ascorbate if attached to sodium, calcium ascorbate if attached to calcium etc.

When ingested orally it acts as a nutrient. When introduced intravenously it acts as a therapy or medicine. South Africa is blessed with several medical doctors who are trained in the use of intravenous ascorbate. The treatment protocols have proven to be valuable in treating cancer, aids, infections and many other diseases.

When using orally a buffered complex works better since it will not be as acidic as ascorbic acid.

The sensible maintenance dosage for adults is on average 2 000 mg per day. This can vary from person to person. The maximum dosage (therapy) is the bowel tolerance level :

Optidose Ascorbate


Maximum Vit C therapy – Saturation. (bowel tolerance)


Increase dosage every hour by 1000 mg until diarrhea occurs. Stop Vit C intake for that day. Calculate total intake for the day  – for example 9000 mg. Take 8000 mg next day @ 1000mg/per hour. Continue with 8000 mg/day. If  diarrhea starts again – stop Vit C intake for that day. Start the next day with 7000 mg @1000mg/hour.


You will eventually find your correct saturation dosage in this manner. Maintain it.


While you are ill you will need more than normal.

Quote :

“There are more than 10 000 published scientific papers that make it quite clear that there is not one body process (such as what goes on inside cells and tissues) and not one disease or syndrome (from the common cold to leprosy) that is not influenced by – directly or indirectly by Vitamin C.”

Drs Emanuel Cheraskin, Marshall Ringsdorf and Emily Sisley.

Our bodies are the best source of information we can use. If we engage in some regime that makes us feel and function better we have a sound feedback mechanism we can rely on.

Recommended reading :

Curing the Incurable : Thomas E Levy, MD, JD.

The Science of Vit C : Steve Hickey PhD and Hilary Roberts PhD.

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